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Reclaim Your F.I.R.E. with Angela Noelle

Jul 15, 2020

Hello Empowered Warriors! Welcome to Episode 10!  As you probably already know, the goal of the podcast is to get it in as many ears as possible in order to help humanity grow and evolve to our highest potential.  So please, share this podcast with your friend and family, or tag me on Instagram @iamangelanoelle with your takeaways.  This episode was recorded several months ago, about 3 weeks into the Stay-at-Home order in my home state of Massachusetts.  Please note:  I do keep the language clean here on the Empowered Warrior podcast, but there is some language on this episode, so please be aware if you’re listening with your children.  


You know, it’s interesting.  This topic has been in my brain for the last couple of weeks, and I remembered that I had done a Facebook Live in my private group, ‘The Empowered Warrior with Angela Noelle’ back in March of this year, 2020.  


So, I hope you don’t mind that this podcast has been repurposed!  Actually, for you entrepreneur types, which I know there are many of who follow me, you may or may not already know that creating content and being able to repurpose it many times is one of the most effective, time saving hacks out there!  


In this episode, I discuss what a healing crisis is, and how it relates to current events.  I do believe that we as humans on this planet are going through a huge shift, and overall, I believe this is a very exciting time for humanity’s potential for growth and evolution.  You may already be aware of what a healing crisis is, but if this is a new concept, let me just shed some light for you.  


Have you ever had a medical problem, whether it be pain, allergies, or something else, and found that as you started to treat the condition, you felt worse before you felt better?  Well, that is what is known as a healing crisis.  As you begin to heal, you may feel worse for a while.  And that is what, in my interpretation, is happening globally. 


For those of you who are politically sensitive, I advise you to listen to this with an open heart and open mind.  This is, by no means, a political statement, but an invitation to look at things beyond the 3D interpretation of the world in order to see the big picture.  


You may or may not be aware at this point that I have shifted my focus of the business to help burned out business owners reclaim their yin and balance out their yang and own their worth so that they can achieve financial abundance and physical health.  And in future episodes, my intention is to expand on what exactly yin and yang are, because while my audience probably already knows kind of what it means, chances are, many people might need more context.  But this episode will still be very useful because I really dive in to talking about aligning with your higher self as a result of a shift in priorities given the current times. 

Just suppose for a moment that you take in the message of this episode to heart, and start implementing right away.  What will your life, health, and business look like in a year compared to today?  If you’re like most successful people who take action, chances are, life will surely be looking very different in a very positive way.  So again, I invite you to sit back and take notes if you aren’t driving and consider how you want your life to look and feel from this day on.  Do you want a life of abundance and prosperity, or, if you’re struggling, to continue down the same path of fear and lack of self worth and never feel completely free?  

So, stay tuned!  

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