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Reclaim Your F.I.R.E. with Angela Noelle

Jun 21, 2021

Hello F.I.R.E. Goddess!  It is Summer Solstice, (or Winter Solstice for those in the South), and The Empowered Warrior has undergone a bit of a facelift.  

In this Episode, you will discover what it means to be a F.I.R.E. Goddess, no matter what gender you identify as.  

What I realized is, after a year of podcasting, that the podcast needed a little more juiciness and spiciness.  And I've packaged it all together, while wearing more red and re-created what is now called Reclaim You F.I.R.E.!

Stay tuned for more F.I.R.E., more authenticity, and more tools to help you uplevel your life and BE a person who has the Financial Freedom, Inner Peace, Radiant Health, and Energy Balance that you've always wished you had, so that you can easily stand in your own power and LIVE your LIFE on YOUR own terms! 

I also mentioned Teal Swan in this episode...find her talk on the Divine Feminine here.  

So F.I.R.E. Goddess, Stay Tuned!  

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My wish for you this year is that you expand and grow beyond your wildest dreams. 

I wish that you bring on the F.I.R.E, ( Freedom, Inner Peace, Radiance, and Energy Alignment) that you DESIRE in 2021. 

I am so excited for you and your expansion this year.

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