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Reclaim Your F.I.R.E. with Angela Noelle

Sep 15, 2021

Hello Goddesses!  Welcome to Episode 70.

I am thrilled to welcome back my guest in today's episode, Dr. Angela Potter.  In this episode, Dr. Potter and I dive deep into common myths about the menstrual cycle, and how we can honor and heal our menstrual cycle by tapping in to our Divine Feminine energy.  

Dr. Potter is a leading holistic doctor supporting mothers in their healing process after birth. After the birth of her first baby she came face-to-face with the hardships mothers frequently experience after giving birth. Since then she has developed her Postpartum Wellness Protocol that she uses with mothers nationally.

Dr. Potter has been interviewed for for postpartum-specific articles. She is a nutritionist as well as a doctor. Her office is located in Portland, Oregon where she lives with her husband and two toddlers. Find out more at

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So Goddesses...stay tuned!


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My wish for you this year is that you expand and grow beyond your wildest dreams. 

I wish that you bring on the F.I.R.E, ( Freedom, Inner Peace, Radiance, and Energy Alignment) that you DESIRE in 2021. 

I am so excited for you and your expansion this year.

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