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Reclaim Your F.I.R.E. with Angela Noelle

Jul 28, 2021

Hello F.I.R.E. Goddesses!  Welcome to Episode 64.  In this episode, I have Penny Chiasson as a guest.  

Penny Chiasson is a former nurse and nurse anesthetist who became interested in hypnosis while creating a seminar on pain. Penny trained as a hypnotist out of curiosity, but left the training determined to share what...

Jul 21, 2021

Hello F.I.R.E. Goddesses!  Welcome to Episode 63.  I am ecstatic to welcome my next guest, Sophie McLean.

Sophie McLean's mission is to contribute to the creation of a
new culture for humankind; or the shift from Homo Sapiens to
Homo Spiritus, as Dr. David Hawkins so beautifully wrote.

Born in Algeria, educated in...

Jul 14, 2021

Hello F.I.R.E.Goddesses!  Welcome to Episode 62.  In this episode, I bring back Jen Stillion as a guest and we talk all about sex, pleasure, manifestation, and magic!  

Jen helps manifest abundance easily and effortlessly by using movement and sex magic to step into their power and become unstoppable. 

Find Jen...

Jul 7, 2021

Hello F.I.R.E. Goddesses!  Welcome to Episdoe 61.  In this episode, I am pleased to welcome my guest, Glenda Barber. 

Glenda is  a coach for women, or for people who are seeking or are spiritually centered. She helps high achieving women release long-standing limiting beliefs, and get back into the flow of...